Northey Street House’s Mission

Northey Street House’s mission is to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as we possibly can, to advocate for small business and give back to to our thriving community to further support local small businesses. As we educate and host guests from all over the country and the world, the conversation around the breakfast table always touches on the solar panels visibly attached to our garage roof. We talk about how to be green and also save or make some green while being kind to the environment that is our home. While in Salem, we invite you to not only eat and shop locally with reusable bags provided by the B&B, but to enjoy discovering and supporting small businesses wherever you live or travel


Our mission is to be the most sustainable bed and breakfast in Salem. We don’t just believe in sustainability.  We live it with 43 solar panels, 5 rain barrels, 10 mini-splits, 1 Nest programmable/learning thermostat, curbside recycling and composting as well as our own worm condo composting. Through our green efforts, we have diverted tons of waste from the trash stream. The rewarding part is seeing the food scraps come back every Spring as “black gold”, aka nutrient-rich dark compost that plants love.

We have an urban garden with 2 raised beds and another garden annex in Salem where we have a permaculture of rhubbarbs, raspberries and strawberries patches, blueberries and beach plum bushes, lemon sorrel, scallions, and other herbs. We have added fruit trees: persimmon, peach, and apricot. We plant and use garden vegetables for our breakfasts in the warmer seasons.

Supporting our Community

Another important mission is to give back to our community. These may come in the form of volunteering our time and skills, donating Salem Stay Packages, hosting artists, speakers, filmmakers, or hosting other functions throughout the year.

Flora was on the board of the Salem Chamber of Commerce for over 5 years, a member of Destination Salem, founded and co-chairs the Bridge Street Neck Neighborhood Association, was a member of the City’s LORAX-tree Task Force which formed Salem’s Tree Commission, Imagine Salem, and  Salem Recycles for 4 years.



Jeff is a City Councilor. He was for many years the chair of the City’s No Place for Hate committee, a member of the Sustainability Energy Resiliency Committee & CCL,  and Salem Rotary. We believe in supporting local arts and have contributed to the Salem Film Festival, Salem Arts Festival, and Salem Jazz and Soul Festival.

Recognizing Need

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