Historic Bed & Breakfast Est. 2002, 978-397-1582

Common Areas

Japanese Garden

In 2006, the alfresco sun deck was completed. Flora then turned her attention to the back yard. Truly a labor of love, she designed the entire layout of the quasi Japanese garden and personally selected trees & plants. The garden  have various seating areas for tranquil reading or ipad-ing. There are tables and chairs in the garden for snacks & drinks alfresco. Lots of backyard birds, squirrels, & neighbor’s cats for your amusement.

Northey's Japanese Garden
Northey House Garden

Pennsylvania blue stone pavers were chosen for the garden. Guests can enjoy seating areas thru-out the garden oasis and find cool shade under the strikingly white bark Himalayan Birch or Japanese maple. There are three Japanese maples:  The Waterfall in the corner, and one in the center of the garden and one next to the white Birch.  There is also a mulberry tree that attracts many native North Eastern birds such as blue jays, mocking birds, cardinals, black birds and the humble sparrows. They take turns at feasting on the berries and put on quite a show during the Spring-Summer season. Best viewing from 2nd floor deck.

Front Sitting Area:

Living Room: Flat screen TV for guests use.

Kitchen: Service Island has a bar sink, snack center, and an under counter fridge to store your cold beverage or leftovers.

Living Room: 2 couches, 2 period chairs. A great place to congregate with friends and family.

Perched on the 2nd floor rear is a large deck. The kitchen opens right out to it and breakfast may be taken Spring to Fall. Just another great hang out to read a book, enjoy some wine, or gather with family/friends.